Well what is a s3 VPC endpoint?

Let’s look at what problem s3 VPC endpoints solve and how they can enhance our architectures. A typical real-world use case is accessing objects and putting objects in an s3 bucket from an EC2 instance or a container running in ECS.

S3 storage Lens leader image.
S3 storage Lens leader image.

AWS announced storage lens at ReInvent 2020 to help users get better visibility into their object store usage. As a long-time s3 user, I can attest that the native tooling in s3 lacked tools to understand the usage and access patterns of s3. Additionally, it was tough to see the ratio of current objects vs. prior version objects.

What is Storage Lens?

Storage lens is an analytics tool built-in s3 that helps display data protection, cost efficiency, and activity use cases either by an organization, region, or bucket.

What insights can I gain from using it?

There are several analytics…

Maturing security processes in a startup brings interesting problems regarding data retention, custody, cost, and performance impact to the underlying systems.

As the business scales up rapidly, we start seeing more attributes codified in code, but what about all outdated infrastructure that has been there since the beginning?

We run into the same challenge when inheriting an AWS account or joining an organization as a new cloud or security architect.

Six questions we must answer.

Steve Lukose

Cloud Architect

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